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Big Ideas

Cutting Boards for Dad on Father's Day

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Dad likes to grill. Dad is always talking about meats. We get it, you brined chicken for 8 hours. 

But one day a year, Dad is king. You laugh at his jokes, you put up with the stories, and you get to enjoy some tasty cooking. Why not show him how great he is? Get him a brand new carving board for all the meats. Get him a bottle opener with his name in it. He might even enjoy cigars. Luckily we've got bundles with all three. 

But if he's a grill man, let's talk about the big boys.

These cutting boards aren't only great for carving meat, but they make a nice serving tray for large hunks of chicken and steak. Dad can't take the hot meat off the grill, throw it on these boards, slice it down, and put it straight on the table. They're as beautiful as they are tough. 

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift - A Personalized Cutting Board

Mom's been there for everything. School. Prom. Breakups. She packed your lunch and did your laundry. Now you're wondering how can even begin to show her how much you appreciate everything she's done. Flowers? Lame. Chocolate? Not with beach season around the corner. She's probably in need of a nice cutting board or serving tray, [...]

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Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding’s in two weeks? Don’t know what to get the bride? Get her something special. Get something not on the registry. Get a BigWood Board! Wait, why?  We do one thing here: make personalized cutting boards. Literally all day. Why? Because we know that people who want to give a personalized gift need to say a lot more [...]

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Cutting Boards with Handles

Whoa whoa whoa, a plain cutting board? Sounds more boring than a sheet of loose-leaf paper. Not only is personalization a great way to spice up your cutting board, but there's another way you can really stand out. Cutting boards with handles. Are they for aesthetic? Or they for practicality? Does they look awesome? All of the [...]

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Maple Cutting Boards vs. Walnut Cutting Boards - Which is Better?

It’s an argument as old as time: Should I get a monogrammed cutting board on maple or walnut? There’s BigWood for everyone, and this article will explain the differences and similarities between these two woods to help you make your decision.First off, they're both great!What do both of these woods have in common? They’re American [...]

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How to Oil a Walnut Cutting Board

Ever wonder why your cutting board got so dry? Is it looking unsightly to the eye? Well fear no more-- you just need two things: Instructions on how to oil your board, and a bottle of BigWood Boards Board Oil. We've got you covered.1. First off, here's where you can buy our food-safe linseed board [...]

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​Let us help you give a great gift!

We are happy to introduce the best gift you'll ever give -- BWB Gift Boxes! We've created 4 gift options fit for any friend, family member, or corporate gifting. Our smallest box is full of desk drawer goodies and snacks to share, featuring our 10 1/2" round maple board. We've loaded you up with not just one [...]

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Ever wonder why its a Lazy Susan?

The term Lazy Susan means a revolving stand or tray on a table, used especially for holding condiments. The story of the name and why Susan was so lazy has been lost to history. Also coined as a "dumb waiter," this board was displayed prominently in an early 18th century article in The Gentleman's Magazine which described how [...]

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Wedding Season!

In the peak of wedding season, searching for the most unique and meaningful gift can be quite a challenge. By now, they probably already have 8 of the same bowls, 5 sets of tupperware and an array of towels! Give the couple you love a gift with personal touch by sending them a BigWood Board!From [...]

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