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Cutting Boards for Dad on Father's Day

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Dad likes to grill. Dad is always talking about meats. We get it, you brined chicken for 8 hours. 

But one day a year, Dad is king. You laugh at his jokes, you put up with the stories, and you get to enjoy some tasty cooking. Why not show him how great he is? Get him a brand new carving board for all the meats. Get him a bottle opener with his name in it. He might even enjoy cigars. Luckily we've got bundles with all three. 

But if he's a grill man, let's talk about the big boys.

These cutting boards aren't only great for carving meat, but they make a nice serving tray for large hunks of chicken and steak. Dad can't take the hot meat off the grill, throw it on these boards, slice it down, and put it straight on the table. They're as beautiful as they are tough.