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The Perfect Mother's Day Gift - A Personalized Cutting Board

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Mom's been there for everything. School. Prom. Breakups. She packed your lunch and did your laundry. Now you're wondering how can even begin to show her how much you appreciate everything she's done. Flowers? Lame. Chocolate? Not with beach season around the corner. She's probably in need of a nice cutting board or serving tray, personalized just for her to accent her kitchen.

BigWood Boards are made with mom in mind -- they're versatile, tough, and gorgeous. They all use American wood and come in bright maple or dark walnut.

These first three are maple. Personalization contrasts very well with light wood.

These next three are walnut. Much bolder and classier. Makes any dish pop.

If you have any special personalization requests or questions, you can always reach out to us at