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How to Oil a Walnut Cutting Board

Posted by Joe Pennebaker on

Ever wonder why your cutting board got so dry? Is it looking unsightly to the eye? Well fear no more-- you just need two things: Instructions on how to oil your board, and a bottle of BigWood Boards Board Oil. We've got you covered.

1. First off, here's where you can buy our food-safe linseed board oil:

2. Now how do you use it? Follow this step-by-step guide to get the most bang out of your BigWood. 

1. Wash your board with soap and water and let air dry.

2. You might want to set your board on a newspaper or paper towels so you don't get oil all over your countertop.

3. Secondly, apply a generous amount of oil to the surface of the board and use a towel to gently spread the oil all over. 

4. Using the rag, wipe down the board evenly until all sides of the boards are looking shiny and brand new. 

5. When done, let your cutting board air dry.

You're all set! Your cutting board should be looking good as new. Don't be afraid to get liberal with the cutting board oil. Whenever your board gets dry, repeat the above steps to get it looking shiny and brand new.