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Cutting Boards with Handles

Posted by Joe Pennebaker on

Whoa whoa whoa, a plain cutting board? Sounds more boring than a sheet of loose-leaf paper. Not only is personalization a great way to spice up your cutting board, but there's another way you can really stand out. 

Cutting boards with handles.

Are they for aesthetic? Or they for practicality? Does they look awesome? All of the above, really. Not only does it make your personalized cutting board look cooler, but with bigger boards like The Griller's Best Friend, handles make it much easier to move around, especially with lots of hot food on it. 

What Kinds of Handles Do We Offer? 

Essentially two types. To put it simply, shiny metal handles, and dark black handles. They both compliment different types of cutting boards, but which ones?

Shiny Metal Handles

These look great on maple. The light handle and the light wood are perfect for wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, and bridesmaids gifts. If you're looking for something modern, get a dark walnut board with shiny handles for something that pops.

Engraved Maple Set  The Carvin' Darlin'  The Good Mom

Dark Metal Handles

These are much more rustic. The look great on walnut boards and are perfect for father's day gifts, gifts for the griller, and retirement. 

Cheese, Please  The Big Boy  Bread Time!