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The Big Boy


The Big Boy

This is a big one. The largest cutting board we have, this board can go as large as 15" x 24", not included the huge twisted-ball handles. You could fit an entire cow on it. 

The dark wood has an inside perimeter juice groove that catches liquid to keep the counter or table clean from any mess. The dark twisted ball handles add a little flair to the board as well as stability. The non-slip rubber feet ensure that the wood board stays secure. It also includes an engraved initial for a touch of personalization.

15" x 24" Rectangle Walnut Cutting Board (also available in 9" x 12" and 10" x 16")

Quality Features Include:

  • Solid Walnut Construction
  • FDA Approved Adhesive
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Sure Grip Rubber Feet
  • Perimeter Juice Groove
  • Hand Finished and made in the USA
  • Dark Twisted Ball Handles

Care Instructions:

Simply clean the board with soap and warm water and use a board oil monthly. Walnut naturally resists bacteria growth and will withstand daily use.

Other Details


Walnut Serving Tray

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This one is HUGE. It's the mother of all serving trays, and quite heavy at 17 pounds. So yeah, it's pretty hefty.
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Bulletpoint Title:
Superior Quality
Beautiful metal handles
Catch-all juice groove
Non-slip rubber feet
American made

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