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Made in Vermont! The boards we manufacture are the finest wood cutting boards you will find. We have always taken great pride in the production of our boards and it shows. Our personalized (monogrammed) cutting boards are made from select maple which is a very dense wood, making it excellent for kitchen use.

Maple Style

Cutting Boards

Walnut Style

Cutting Boards

The strips of maple or walnut are color graded and appropriately matched before gluing the panels for the final cutting and routing of the cutting boards. They are then carefully machined and hand sanded providing a very smooth finished product. All of our boards come with sure grip rubber feet attached with rust proof stainless steel screws.

Our wood cutting boards all come with a juice trough around the perimeter. This keeps tre mess on the board and not on the counter. The large oval trencher will hold five cups of juice so that even the largest piece of meat can be neatly carved. The ideal serving platters.

Bread Cutting Board

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