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12" x 18" Scalloped Walnut


12" x 18" Scalloped Walnut

We only carve in Times New Roman characters. We will carve exactly how you specify, whether you type in all caps, lowercase, upperlower, etc.
If monogramming, always specify if you would like the middle letter larger.
In the text box, you can simply say:
AMC, large M in the middle
AMC, large middle letter
If you want them all the same size, just say:
AMC, all same size
By default, we will make the middle letter of 3 letters larger.
For this product, if carving a name, we can carve up to 6 characters.

We can do a lot more with lasering. We can do multiple lines of text and fancy designs.
For custom text: Enter exactly what you would like up to 3 lines of text. Be sure to mention the font you would like. For example:
Happy Wedding
From Aunt Jenny
(use edwardian script)

Use edwardian script:
Happy Wedding
From Aunt Jenny

You can also use one of our catalog design SKU’s. Just mention the design code you would like, and if applicable, the personalization text.
ZWED3, Smith, 2018
ZWED3 Smith 2018


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