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Walnut Bread Board - Scalloped Handles - Carved Initial


Walnut Bread Board - Scalloped Handles - Carved Initial

Our solid walnut wood bread board is a classic design. This bread board is versatile, personalized, and great not only for food preparation and chopping, but also used as a serving tray. This mid-sized initialed board is 5 inches by 22 inches and impressively 3/4 inch thick, making it built to last and the perfect size for cutting and prepping bread and cheeses.

The dark wood is accentuated with an inside perimeter juice groove that catches liquid to keep the counter or table clean. The cast aluminum scalloped handles customize the look for your bread board. The non-slip rubber feet ensure that the wood board stays secure. These features add to the functionality of the board. This bread board also includes a single carved initial of your choice for a touch of personalization.

Our walnut bread board makes a lovely personalized gift for a wedding, birthday, or any other special occasion. The beautiful carved initial adds an element of personalization, and makes a special present for any occasion that will be remembered and treasured.

Scalloped Handles

5Ì´Ì_ÌÎÌÌ´åÌ´åÌ´åÌ´åÌ´å x 22Ì´Ì_ÌÎÌÌ´åÌ´åÌ´åÌ´åÌ´å Walnut Bread Board

Thickness: 3/4"

Quality Features Include:

  • Solid Walnut Construction
  • FDA Approved Adhesive
  • Stainless Steel Screws
  • Sure Grip Rubber Feet
  • Perimeter Juice Groove
  • Hand Finished and made in the USA
  • Aluminum Cast Scalloped Handles

Care Instructions:

Simply clean the board with soap and warm water and use a board oil monthly. Walnut naturally resists bacteria growth and will withstand daily use.