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Taste of Italy


Taste of Italy

American Walnut
Our walnut is 100% sourced from forests in Virginia and New York.
Makes a Great:
- serving tray
Satisfaction Guarantee
If you don't love it, send it back to us for a full refund. But you'll love it.
In Detail
If you ever wake up in a pile of mozzarella, only eat pepperoni on your pizza, or constantly fuggetaboudit, this board might just be perfect for you. It's great for tomato-mozz salads, appetizers, and cheeses. Come with non-slip rubber feet and a juice groove to keep the mess off the counter. Bada-bing!
Product Specs
8 lbs
12" x 18" x 1"
Care Instructions
Simply clean the board with soap and warm water and use a board oil monthly. Walnut naturally resists bacteria growth and will withstand daily use.
Our Process
Cut it
We cut the wood with our panel saws and send it over to the sanding team.
Sand it
Our sanding crew hand-sands until each board is smooth as marble.
Carve it
Lastly we personalize your board with carvings and laser engravings.
Note from our Woodworkers
"There's no two ways about it Paulie, this board is fantastic!"
Tyler Thompson
Senior Woodworker
Bill SanFelice
Production Manager
Our Story
We started in 2004 in a small house in Atlanta and we've now grown to two dozen employees. We have a production warehouse just outside the perimeter of Atlanta and spend our days making boards (and our nights drinking bourbon). We have a ridiculous amount of pride in our products, and we're incredibly excited to improve our craftsmanship every day.


Other Details


Walnut Serving Tray


Get out the olive oil! This monogrammed walnut board is perfect for preparing pasta, salads, & more!
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Bulletpoint Title:
Superior Quality
Catch-all juice groove
Non-slip rubber feet
American made

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