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How We Make 'Em

Proudly Made in America

Here at Bigwood Boards, all of our hand crafted cutting boards and trenchers are 100% made in the U.S.A. We use the best quality solid hardwoods available such as maple and walnut and responsibly source our wood from suppliers throughout the U.S. We pride ourselves on the natural grain and beauty of the woods we use and add a personal touch with our many carving and engraving options. 

Our Processshop-sabre-cnc.png

With the perfect blend of new technology and old fashioned craftsmanship, our boards are made start to finish right here at our facility in Atlanta. We begin with a blank wood rectangle which we place on our high powered large CNC router. The blank is then cut to one of our unique shapes and next we add a juice groove to the top surface.  




Once the board is cut to size, it's time to add a personalized touch! Our customers have     the option of either carving a family initial or monogram into the surface of the board or adding a laser engraved message or logo. Bigwood Boards owns a second smaller CNC router that we use exclusively for the carvings. The elegant fonts we use combined with the precision of our machine makes for a beautifully carved finished product.




For customers who prefer a longer message, design or logo, we also offer laser engraving. Our high powered laser engraver gives us the ability to engrave boards with much more detailed and intricate designs. We have hundreds of images and several fonts available to choose from. The laser engraving is also a perfect option for corporate gifts. 




Once the Bigwood Board is engraved, it's time for sanding. We take the time to hand sand each cutting board we make. It takes a little more time, but our customers are always surprised when they feel the surface of their new cutting board. We even sand inside the carved letters and juice grooves to ensure there is no rough texture anywhere on the surface.




Now that the board is engraved and sanded, we are in the final stages of production. We take the time to hand oil all of our Walnut Cutting Boards to prolong the life and the beauty of the wood. We use our own brand of natural linseed oil as it is food safe and highly effective. Although the wood can also be treated with waxes, oils tend to penetrate deeper and last longer.