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Holiday 2017 Display Program 

What is the Holiday 2017 Display Program program?

Our Boards are high quality personalized gifts and we believe customers often like to see and feel in our products in person before purchasing.  We want to invest in your business and will provide you a few of our products to display at no charge.  Now is the perfect time to add to your BigWood Boards display in your store before the busy holiday season.  

Is there any cost to me?

Nope! We believe that helping you grow your business is important and we want to invest in the growth with you.  We cover all costs associated with this program.  Please note we do reserve the right to limit participation, discuss and adjust sample board requests and personalization, and end the program at anytime without notice. These no-cost boards for you to display at your store may take a little longer than our normal lead time, so thank you for your patience.

What do I have to do?

What boards do you feel your customers connect with? Let us know which ones do well and we can work on creating a display version just your store. When you get your new display boards we ask that you put them in a high traffic spot in your store and show them off to your awesome customers. We would also enjoy a picture of your display and any feedback!  The boards are yours to keep for your store.

How do I take advantage of the program?

Take a look at our catalog and decide on a few of our boards you like the best.  Once you have your favorites picked out please give us a call at 678-752-7594 and we can work with you on placing a free display board order.

Ready to take the first step to growing your business with us?
Give us a call at 678-752-7594 Monday through Friday 8AM - 5PM EST.  We are here to give you the most uplifting service possible!

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