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Maple Cutting Boards vs. Walnut Cutting Boards - Which is Better?

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It’s an argument as old as time: Should I get a monogrammed cutting board on maple or walnut? There’s BigWood for everyone, and this article will explain the differences and similarities between these two woods to help you make your decision.

First off, they're both great!

What do both of these woods have in common? They’re American wood and American made. They’re not only sourced from American forests in Virginia and Maine, but they’re also hand carved in Atlanta, Georgia. Maple and walnut cutting boards are also hardwood, meaning they’re perfect for kitchen use and totally food safe. They’re not as porous as other softer woods, yet they’re still not so hard that they dull your knives. They’re a perfect medium!

Maple Cutting Boards

Maple has some nice advantages. It’s generally cheaper than walnut for the same quality, and laser engraving shows up much better. The dark burns of the laser contrast with the light wood grain of the maple nicely. If you’ve got a bold statement to say, get a maple! Maple cutting boards make great housewarming gifts, wedding gifts for the bride, and Mother’s day gifts.

Walnut Cutting Boards

Walnut sort of takes the cake as far as presentation. If you want high-end, look no further. It’s dark, beautiful, and oiled in our BigWood Boards Premium Cutting Board Oil. Oil makes it extra shiny and prolongs the life of the board. To see our post on how to best oil your walnut cutting board, click here. Walnut cutting boards make great Father’s Day gifts, serving trays for grilling out, or even personalized wedding gifts for couples.

So what should I get?

Want to really see personalization and save a few bucks? Get a maple cutting board.

Want to really wow someone with an oiled cutting board? Get walnut.